Wayne Rooney hooker Helen Wood's book reveals fellow vice girl posed as a cleaner to sneak into his house

Posted Sunday, July 07, 2019 by Thesun.co.uk

WAYNE Rooney had flings with a dental nurse and an escort who pretended to be a cleaner to sneak into his home, a book claims.

The memoirs — which we reveal extracts from today — also tells how Rooney, 33, invited two hookers to join him on a European pre-season tour after a UK threesome.

Wayne Rooney hooker Helen Wood's book reveals fellow vice girl posed as a cleaner to sneak into his house
Helen Wood has been revealing more details of her hook-ups with Wayne RooneyCredit: Alison Webster - The Sun

In her autobiography Helen Wood, one of the escorts who romped with Rooney ten years ago, also says he was one of three Man Utd stars who acted like Red Devils.

She reveals that escorts would join club stars on "an arranged limo and canal ride" in Manchester which "was like one big orgy".

Helen also tells how an ex-team-mate of Rooney was a regular client.

And she says the foreign star, who was married with children, liked to kiss and be spanked by his male agent as she romped with the star.

Wayne Rooney hooker Helen Wood's book reveals fellow vice girl posed as a cleaner to sneak into his house
Rooney is Manchester United and England's record goalscorerCredit: Getty Images - Getty

In A Man's World Helen, 32, says of Rooney: "He shagged loads of girls, friends of mine."

She goes on to detail her "bland" 2009 threesome with Rooney and fellow escort "Juicy" Jenny Thompson.

She writes: "He went with so many of my friends before and after we sh***ed him.

"He was even seeing one of my friends, a dental nurse, and it was near enough an affair.

"There was an escort who Wayne regularly saw, who used to pose as a cleaner with a couple of other girls who go to footballers' houses."

The revelations are set to infuriate wife Coleen, 33.

Wayne Rooney hooker Helen Wood's book reveals fellow vice girl posed as a cleaner to sneak into his house
Helen Wood's new autobiography tells all about her sexual affairs

The mum-of-four read the riot act to Rooney, who has apologised in the past for visiting massage parlours and prostitutes, after he was caught in a barmaid's car on a night out in the US.

Rooney, who plays for DC United in America was also nicked drink-driving in 2017 in party girl Laura Simpson's VW Beetle.

In April Rooney gushed over Coleen online as she celebrated her birthday.

But in 2009 he was struggling with the pressure of being a Man Utd star and starting a family.

Wayne Rooney hooker Helen Wood's book reveals fellow vice girl posed as a cleaner to sneak into his house
Young love wasn't simple for Wayne and Colleen RooneyCredit: Famous

Helen, who won Big Brother in 2014, romped with Rooney alongside Jenny at Manchester's Lowry Hotel while Coleen was five months pregnant with son Kai, now nine.

She tells in the book, published next Friday, how Rooney later appeared wracked with guilt and even told her Coleen was pregnant.

Mum-of-one Helen says: "He went really quiet when we'd finished.

"As I was putting my smalls back on I asked if he was okay and he said, 'yeah' then paused. 'Why have I just done that?'."

After assuring the ex-England striker she would keep the liaison secret, she claims Rooney replied: "You can't say anything."

Helen, of Bolton, writes: "He said about Coleen being pregnant and I said, 'I've got a son myself, I'm hardly going to ruin his life for the sake of a fling'."

Wayne Rooney hooker Helen Wood's book reveals fellow vice girl posed as a cleaner to sneak into his house
Helen no longer works as a hookerCredit: Instagram

But Rooney soon got over his feelings of guilt, claimed Helen, who is no longer an escort.

She writes: "Turns out Wayne's feelings of regret didn't last long, as a week later he was somewhere in Europe for a football tournament and texted Jenny saying 'can you two get here in the next couple of days'.

"As it happens, it didn't work out and things went quiet."

The incident is thought to have happened while Man Utd competed in a pre-season tournament in Germany in July 2009, alongside Bayern Munich, Italians AC Milan and Argentine team Boca Juniors.

In her book Helen tells how she turned to prostitution as she struggled with debt.

She was introduced to the boss of high-class Melissa Jones Escorts in Manchester by pal Jenny, 30.

Wayne Rooney hooker Helen Wood's book reveals fellow vice girl posed as a cleaner to sneak into his house
Helen Wood and pal Jennifer Thompson reportedly had a threesome with Wayne RooneyCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

The pair first met Rooney at the Living Room club in Manchester.

She says: "We got talking and he came across as a normal down to earth guy, not at all pervy, and just spoke to us about normal mundane s***.

"He asked if we wanted to go to the casino where the majority of the mob were."

Helen, who was also working in a beauty salon, says she cancelled a liaison with another Red Devils star to join Rooney.

She writes: "We explained we were meant to meet up with a different Man U player from the group later on, and told him who.

"He laughed and said, 'Well he's not gonna be happy, is he?'."

Wayne Rooney hooker Helen Wood's book reveals fellow vice girl posed as a cleaner to sneak into his house
Helen says she flirted a little when she met Cristiano RonaldoCredit: Professional Sport

In the book, Helen claims she and Jenny arrived at the Grosvenor Soames Casino in the midst of a food fight.

She writes: "The players were acting like total d***s, chucking food everywhere; in particular Wes Brown, Rio Ferdinand and others.

"We started talking to Wayne again at the bar, who told us this was normal behaviour.

"He suggested a fag and we ended up in the disabled toilets with him and his brother.

"We bumped into Cristiano Ronaldo on the way, who stared at me and burst out laughing.

"There was a little bit of flirting but nothing to write home about.

"Rio clearly thought something more was going on, and began banging on the door effing and blinding. Wayne was laughing and saying, 'Ignore him, he's pissed'."

During the evening, Rooney and Jenny are said by Helen to have swapped numbers.

Soon after came their infamous threesome which Helen describes in detail in the book, released by SJH Publishing.

She writes: "On the arranged date Jenny and I went buying new underwear for his benefit. He said he'd message when he was ready.

"It was around 2pm on a weekday, so we headed over to see him. To me, it was nothing out of the ordinary, he was just another client.

"He answered in a white fluffy robe and slippers and we went in and sat talking for a while.

"I think he regretted booking us from the moment he opened the door . . . I just got that feeling. Jenny and I got changed in the bathroom, then came out and went over to him lying on the bed.

"Now given I know we weren't his first, I was shocked by just how, well, bland the sex was."

Helen describes the romp and says Jenny then performed a sex act on her.

She adds: "He watched and said in a really monotone voice, 'that looks nice'. Nice! You know someone has nothing to say when they use that word.

"Other girls have said they had similar experiences with him.

"It seems he's just very shy about sex. Looking back, I put all his lack of confidence down to the fact he got with his wife too young. We were in his room for about 90 minutes.

"Wayne put our money, around £1,200 each, in the bathroom cabinet and told us to get it from there."

Their romp came to light in 2010 when Jenny told how she had slept with Rooney seven times.

Helen, who tells of her abusive father, being raped aged 14 and falling pregnant at 16, also details her romps with the foreign footie star.

She writes: "I started seeing an ex-Man Utd player.

"He was married with kids, but every time she was away with the kids, he would book girls to come around.

"He wasn't English and had no interest in talking.

"That wasn't the weirdest part though — that bit involved his agent. Every time I was around his agent would be there too.

"And while this footballer was sh***ing me he'd be kissing his agent at the same time, and they'd be spanking each other.

"Who knows if he was bisexual, in denial, just a bit kinky . . . but it was very bizarre."

Helen, who has worked as a sex and relationship columnist, claims to have romped with four Premier League players in total.

In the book, she also tells how she worked in Dublin where clients included a judge and a well-known actor who won an injunction in 2011.

In 2004 it emerged Rooney paid £140 to prostitute Charlotte Glover two years earlier.

He also had sex with Gina McCarrick, 37, at a £45-a-time brothel in Liverpool and romped with gran Patricia Tierney, 48, known as "Auld Slapper".

Rooney said of the revelations: "I regret it deeply and hope people may understand it is the sort of mistake you make when you are young and foolish."

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